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Case Studies

Case Study One: Retirement Planning, Mr & Mrs Johnson
Retirement_Planning.jpgMr and Mrs Johnson of Chesham both in their 60s running the family business 7 days a week.
Both were worried about their health and how long they could both keep serving customers and could not
see a way out.
Needing the income to live and it was proving difficult to sell their business as a going concern.
Mr J had investments and proceeds from his parents’ estate
They both wanted to travel around Europe.
They also wanted to move near their daughter, grandchildren and great grandchild and have the freedom to come and go as they please.
The action
All documents were catalogued and a summary of their financial position was produced enabling them to see where they stood. Lifetime cash flow models were used to see if Mr and Mrs J could afford to close their business and live their life the way they wanted.

The initial lifetime cash flow showed:
They would run out of money by age 72 and had a potential inheritance tax liability of £227,500.  
After suggesting  changes to their financial affairs this showed sufficient income until Mr J reached 90 by:
• Restructuring of their investments and pensions,
• Consolidation of their shares
• Diversifying their investments to manage risk.
• Insure their potential inheritance tax liability
• Cancelation of insurance policies no longer needed
• Utilising their tax allowances to save tax.
• Setting up of an investment for their 7 year old great
  grandson’s future.

“Now we feel relaxed, looking forward to living our lives together on our terms again. We feel secure knowing that our income will be there for us well into the future.”

Michael Ross BA(Hons) APFS, RLP, Cert MP & ER, Chartered Financial Planner
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Case Study Two: Investment Planning, Mr & Mrs Jordan
Investment_Planning.jpgDoctors Anna & Brian Jordan were introduced to Michael by their accountant.
They had inherited investments from Anna’s mother.
They were leading a hectic lifestyle with very little time for pleasure outside work. They were still repaying their mortgage and hadn’t made a will.  They were paying private school fees, with many years to go before their children finished full time education. They had 38 financial investments, protection policies and pension contracts, which they had no time or inclination to keep track of.

“Michael approached our situation in a new way – he started by listening, asking the real questions about what we wanted from life in the longer term, what was important to us.”

The initial lifetime cash flow analysis showed they would have to work until age 65 to have the life they wanted Michael suggested some changes , the new cash flow model showed it would be feasible for both to retire 10 years earlier.
Since then, Anna and Brian have worked with Michael to:

• Simplify and diversify their investments
• Purchase additional pension from Anna’s NHS pension scheme
• Keep below the pension annual and lifetime allowance
• Strengthen their financial protection. 
  Reduced monthly premiums by 45% saving over £300 in premiums each month.
• Reduce and insure their potential inheritance tax liability so their children will not have to pay.
• Ring fence investments for their children’s School and University fees to reduce the strain on monthly income.
• Provide a reliable income in retirement.

“We are relaxed about our future because we can see light at the end of the tunnel. Our money will outlast us and it will be there to support our children, no matter what the future throws at us.”

Michael Ross BA(Hons) APFS, RLP, Cert MP & ER, Chartered Financial Planner
Tel. 01494 451441, Mobile. 07859 032287, Email. mross

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