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Welcome to Chiltern Women in Business

"ADVISE" – to educate women on all things financial in a non-intimidating easy to understand way

"INSPIRE" – to give women the ability to make informed financial choices and decisions

"EMPOWER" – to give women the confidence to take control of their financial wellbeing

With only 11% of financial advisers being female and more and more women wanting or needing advice but not taking it, what is putting them off. It seems that the financial services industry can appear to the outside world as being dominated by alpha males. It is not that women necessarily prefer a female adviser but more that they are intimidated by the whole culture and so don’t know where to start when looking for financial help.

CWIB is to be run in support of and in partnership with female owned, local and ethically driven businesses.

The brainchild of Independent Financial Adviser Joanna Coull, the aim is to run monthly meetings in a relaxed beautiful setting and to create an environment/space where women have the confidence to talk freely whilst at the same time learning.

The financial industry can be seen to be focusing its message on ‘wealth management’, ‘retirement’ and ‘invest now’.

CWIB has been created not with the focus on the above message but with a more gentle approach. Creating an experience that is relaxing. Where you are listened to and not made to feel stupid. Where the discussions revolve around key issues such as not being a burden to children, financial security and how to maintain a certain standard of living.

Offering support and advice at a time when a woman might be feeling vulnerable e.g. going through divorce or bereavement.

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