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If you are currently faced with the prospect of finding care for yourself, a relative or a friend you are probably feeling emotionally drained right now. The process of finding suitable care and sorting through the legislation, can be extremely hard. Add to this the often confusing financial situation and it is not surprising to learn that many people feel tired, stressed and worried at a time like this.

Chiltern Care, part of Chiltern Consultancy is a professional business that can provide advice to families facing the dilemma of funding for private care fees.

We are able to demonstrate a genuine and caring approach at what is one of the most demanding times of family life. We have put together a comprehensive guide that helps to explain the options and solutions that are available to you and your family.
Should you wish to speak to one of our Care Advice specialists please call 01494 451441 or email

To download our latest informative guide click here

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